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Monday, March 19th, 2007
7:16 pm
what would everyone like to name our commune / village / green planned community?

emmy's voting for moai (as in the okinawan social support system, not the giant heads on easter island, though those are cool too)
7:10 pm
commune ideas-- all the random things i've thought we should have / should strive toward as we go
cut because it's longCollapse )
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
6:35 pm
name: sami
skills: gardening, weaving, cooking, sewing, brute labor if it's not too brute

what i want from a commune:
i want a place where we can live together the way we want to live
where we can be self-sufficient
where we can take the best parts of the traditional world and combine them with the best parts of the modern world so we can show people new ways to live
where we can raise our kids in safety
where i can come back to a nice warm yurt after travelling
where we can plant things and keep them there
where we can be ourselves
Monday, September 11th, 2006
1:11 pm
long time, no post... so let's just launch into the rant, like so:

i've just started re-reading 'spiral dance', and the history at the beginning of it is a little rediculous. she states all these assumptions that have little evidence as if they are fact and only offhandedly says that they are just using archaeology to support ideology-- without proof-- in one of the footnotes way at the end of the chapter.
but that's pretty standard; everyone does that.
what's bothering me about this is that neopaganism doesn't have a history like that, but feels it needs to. as we are now, we happened sometime in the 50s and were refined sometime in the 70s. both were reworking of what has been assumed to be archaeology and what has been preserved as folkways, so i suppose it can claim to be based on other older things, but what's wrong with being a new religion? we're the history that others will claim-- we're the founding members and the primary shapers, the first few generations where we can do anything and anything is available to us. it's all open and full of potential-- why are we ashamed that we're starting fresh and building a new religion from scraps and scratch? one based on old ideas reinvisioned to fit new problems, yes, but put together in very modern ways and built for a modern audience.
why do we have this need to claim unbroken ties that just don't exist? only genetics go back 35,000 years, and even then there are mutations, changes, mixings, whole lineages that die out, whole cultures that are destroyed. nothing remains untouched, and that's one of the basics of the religion-- 'everything she touches changes and she changes everything she touches'. change is innevitable. we are built on cycles, admit to cycles, celebrate how things shift and change and move and never stay stagnant, and yet we want this tether, this weight. i think it's a holdover from previous religious ideals, something built when we first came out to claim something we didn't have: historical importance. but the importance is that we're a new religion that wants to fix and preserve the earth in a time when that's needed and the old ideas have caused too much damage. the importance is that we're the fastest growing religion in the west today. the importance is that we have a democratic and collaborative way to build the future that no one else has-- in neopaganism, everyone has a say in how the world will go.
why do we feel we need to be tied to this fake line?
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
8:30 pm
i used to be surrounded by small things no one else could see-- my three unborn children, and others i'll have for friends; the fuzzy blue thing that eats my paperwork; my little-used spiky defense shield; the dragon that stands behind me and protects me; the faeries that help me and keep the world interresting; the temple of myself deep within my soul... but they've all faded back into the mist. now i have the shadow of my perfect man, who is maybe what is standing between me and a real man. now i have the absence of a firy-salamander-of-writing. now i have a masked man with one black wing flapping over me when i sleep. i feel like i'm half in another world, like i'm being pulled somewhere i need to go, somewhere i've never been before, but i can't go because of work and rent and christmas and stress... maybe i'll stop sleeping and up the tea intake and carve a place for myself out of the deepest part of night.
8:26 pm
i think my writing is like a wild salamander i have to tame-- not the little newt-y things in the woods under logs, but the huge, flaming-slippery things that embody fire. i have to reach down into the dark-glowing depths of the volcano, grab it with my own unguarded and ungloved hands, and pull it up, bend it to my will, break it to the saddle and guide it where i want it to go-- but i can't control it, and it can leave me whenever it gets tired of my shit... and i think it's gone again. that's why i'm so cold inside, why the fire's gone out, leaving a piece of me gone, singed around the edges of where it's been-- that's why i haven't written anything and why when i close my eyes, all i see is the dark and the stars. even the entrance to my temple has been hidden... it's taken everything with it. if it doesn't come back, i'll have to do it all over again, find a new vent to fish a new one out of. will it remember me as it descends into the depths of the earth? will it come back sometimes, when i'm asleep, and kiss my forehead with it's firey lips, leaving some glowing ember of inspiration, nodding to my current sleeping salamander as it goes? will i ever find the one that stays?
Friday, February 25th, 2005
6:45 pm
i have the nearly uncontrollable urge to draw somethng with sharpies. anyone know where my sharpies went?
5:41 pm
last night was the first hardcoreheathens meeting in about a bejillion years since we stopped going out on the beaches for the full moon. cat's roof was not as pretty as the beach, but it was close to the moon (ie: above street level), and there was lots of space, despite the fiberglass none of us noticed until we went back inside afterwards all itchy and strangely sparkly. we started it with a little question-and-answer session for some of cat's classmates (who will be writing papers about their experience with us), then we called the quarters and chanted and sang and danced and it was loverly. then we did a healing for poor packleader, who has pneumonia (good thing it's so damned warm this year or she wouldn't have been able to go!), which involved more chanting and some really energising toning-- i've never toned before, and i'v never been able to hold a note before, so it was really pretty cool. we of course sang mary mecgregor and howled at the moon, then jonas (the only boy, now that jude's gone) and packleaderdid the great rite with the atame and the chalice and blessed the wine and bread and then we all feasted and answered more questions, then just sort of layed around in a puppy pile like we used to so long ago.

it was gorgeous.


addendum: all those questions got me thinking. we're a pretty carefree and semi-anarchic group, very few rules, flexible membership. but we still have our views. we're all recovering from various branches of the judeo-christian shrub, and we all generally would rather homeschool our kids then let them go to a school that doesn't teach them to think (or at least to suppliment their educations). we all believe in the value of choice. we are all willing to make hard decisions-- like whether to keep a child who is deficient in some major way, whether to marry or not, whether the law is right enough to be followed... i think we have a good balance-- i think the world should see how well we work and make itself work as well... of course, i'm also a gemini, and therefore extraordinarily self-centered...

it's still percollating. i'll ramble more later
Sunday, December 26th, 2004
10:19 pm
i am apparently only a happyhardcoreheathen when i have others of the same with me. tonight is soo cold and wet and i'm already balancing on that thin thin line before deathly illness and plague, so i will not be dancing nekkid as jaqui is, and since i am both lazy and extremely weak / dizzy, i will probably not even light a candle...

but as this is a full moon, i will make lists of things i want to do with the new house and i will daydream of love and new beginnings. this is, after all, when ancient peoples would sit around the fires and tell stories to ward off the cold and the snow and the creeping death that is winter...

yay frost moon!

too bad it's so hard being pagan alone and so easy to just remember and do nothing at all. americans are all solitary practitioners, but i think it isn't healthy; paganism is all based on community... and my community is all scattered to the winds right now.

le sigh
Friday, December 24th, 2004
6:09 pm
so i've been listening to all the christmas music on the radio at work and i was wondering if we have any yule songs...i found these, which are all cute, but are just rewrites of traditional christian carols... i found this one, too, but it's kinda just snarky... i mean, some of the christmas songs are really old pagan songs made over anyway, but don't we have any of our own?

i wonder if there are any out there that i just can't find?
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